Dakota Fanning, You Can Go In The Sun, It’s Ok.

dakota fanning cameltoe

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/10)

I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Dakota Fanning needs some TANNING!  Seriously, she may be the whitest actress in Hollywood.  She may even be whiter that Milky from Me, Myself & Irene. I don’t know why she doesn’t go in the sun, maybe it’s because she is playing a Vampire in the rest of the shitty Twilight movies.  Anyway, my pledge to Dakota is go out in the sun and lay out with some baby oil on so you’ll look like a tomato instead of a potato.  Check out Dakota Fanning’s  jailbait yoga outfit pics after

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  • obiwansidisi says:

    She was ugly as a kid, she’s even more so now…


  • Dakota fan says:

    Dakota Fanning’s fair skin is the most gorgeous skin in Hollywood. This blonde girl is totally gorgeous and pink is Dakota’s best color.

  • Jason says:

    Milky white skin is gorgeous. Would you prefer it if Dakota had one of those disgusting fake orange tans? But its a free country and your entitled to your lame dumb ass opinion.

  • Trevor says:

    Dakota fanning was a cute girl now she is hot older girl