Brooklyn Decker Lingerie & Bikini Pics Because, Well Just Because.

brooklyn decker underboob

Brooookkkllllyyyynnn, I’m right here B.I.G. ya boy sittin on top like a hair wig… Brooklyn is fly, her tits is sick… Ha.. I went a little Fab, Jay-Z and Uncle Murda on you right there.  Brooklyn Decker is looking hot, and I remembered her nice sexy yellow swimsuit pics from a while ago, so I decided to use up the rest of the pics I found of her and write this shit.

And of course, since I used the song I put up a video, not the video, being I’m not sure that they made one but anyway.  It was between this song, Brooklyn’s Finest, and Brooklyn (We Go Hard), and I picked this one, well because it’s current and the beat is hot.  So check out the rest of Brooklyn Decker’s hot ass body, nice cleavage, hot lingerie pics and nice thong ass photos after

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  • obiwansidisi says:

    Now you know me. I’d be all over this shit, saying that she’s too skinny… brotha’s like more meat on our women… where’d her ass go?… does anyone have a dollar to by her a cheeseburger… but there’s something about her that makes my dick stand up. Ain’t that about a bitch?!