Reggie Bush’s New Girlfriend Mayra Veronica’s Sick Body

mayra veronica ass

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

It’s no secret what kind of bitches Reggie Bush likes.  I think they need to have huge tits, and a big fat round ass!  She isn’t by far a Kim Kardashian clone, but she is still pretty sexy.  After that pathetic display by The Saints last night and Reggie hurting his vagina, I mean his leg, I am positive that Mayra Veronica and her fine model bod are taking good care of little Reggie.  I wouldn’t be so pissed, but if the Saints had any kind of defense, I would have won 400$+ in one of the football pools I am in.  So Reggie, kiss my ass and tell your defense to get themselves a piece of ass like yours before each game so they can all play as good as you do.  Check out the rest of the pics of Reggie Bush’s new girlfriend Mayra Veronica practically naked,  her sick ass topless, fat booty in a thong, and other various sexy parts of her body emphasized through the lens of a photographer that was probably jerking it in between costume changes after

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  • obiwansidsi says:

    Oh… my… Gawd!!!

  • Dick Thick says:

    I knew you’d like that one