Karissa Shannon Sex Tape With That Black Dude From Smallville

karissa shannon doggystyle fucking\

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Karissa Shannon Playboy wonder girl is here on tape getting banged doggystyle by Token from South Park, I mean that black dude that was Clark’s friend that nobody paid attention between waiting for Clark to fly and waiting to see Kristin Kreuk aka Lana get banged, and see Chloe that annoying blond bitch get killed or something.  I watched the show for about 5 years and never even really knew the significance of this doucher that was Clark’s friend.    Vivid has a lot of  SEX TAPES this year, but I am sure that they aren’t finished quite yet.  Karissa’s sex tape is supposed to be with Frankenstein’s evil daughter and all her fake parts,  Heidi Montag, but it seems like that may have been a hoax for publicity.  If you want to see this ho Karissa  getting banged, topless, ass naked, and fully nude masturbating, click after

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  • obiwansidsi says:

    1) His name is Sam Jones. He’s a piece of shit actor that no one really gives two shits about, which is why he did this video. We didn’t give a shit when he was on the show, we didn’t give a shit when he came back as a villain, and… meh…

    2) She’s not hot, not at all… sextape or no. She looks like she’d only be known for that, like if she didn’t do porn, she’s be nothing. I “googled” her… I still know know who the hell she is!

    3) You did not just say “that Black dude from Smallvile” and just follow it up with “Token from South Park”?! Dick, you my mu’fuckah! That was funny! I owe you a drink!

  • JS says:

    hahahahahah I agree with #3