Snooki’s Fat Ass Fell Out Of Her Skirt & Got Arrested

snooki really fat and arrested

Stank-O-Meter (8.25/10)

Snooki for looooovvvve in all the wrong places, no fine girls, just a fat chick in metal bracelets….  Poor Snooki, not only is she getting fatter and grosser by the minute, but now she is arrested.  I check the Monmouth County NJ website for an arrest mugshot, but they didn’t show anything.  I guess she got off easy and didn’t get processed because it was just a ticket for disorderly conduct or some shit.

snooki upskirt nude ass

There is a picture of Snooki’s good side getting taken away by the cops.  At least the people got a nice fat ass upskirt pic of Nicole Polizzi before she was taken to the pokey.  Snooki used to look really good when she was younger. Another tragic tale of two many Twinkies.  Check out the rest of Snooki’s fat ass upskirt pictures of her getting arreseted and looking dumpy and chubby like Porky Pig after

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  • bungweasel says:

    Jesus Christ! She looks like A mongoloid version of Roseanne Barr in this picture!! How many dicks did this bitch suck to get on TV . . . and who the hell wanted her to suck it in the first place?