Heidi Montag Looks Like A Totally Different Person

heidi montag cameltoe

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10)

Heidi Montag’s transformation into a mutant like Frankenstein bitch is now totally complete.  Not to mention, WHAT THE HELL IS THAT SHIT ON HER NOSE? Blow up a pic and see what I mean.   I could see having a couple of procedures if you really felt like shit about yourself.  Heidi was much prettier before she had all this shit done.

old heidi montag bikini pic

Look at Heidi Montag the way she used to look in a bikini.  I think that she looked really good right here.  Her tits and face looked so much better.  Now Heidi’s new ass is so fake, round, and  plastic looking, it kind of makes me want to yak.  I wonder what her friends from The Hills think.

heidi montag butt implants

I mean, look at that thing.  It looks like someone jammed two oversized apple pies into the side of her ass.  I can’t understand why she would do that to her ass too.  Tits are one thing, but now everyone thinks she looks hideous.  Check out the rest of Franken Heidi Montag’s new found plastic body bikini pictures after

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  • obiwansidsi says:

    Even with that crap on her nose, she’s 20x’s better looking than Snooki, Kesha, and Lady Gaga! She may be dumb as hell, but baby fine!!!