Shawn Johnson All Grown Up And Looking Hot

shawn johnson breast enlargement

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 

Shawn Johnson is all grown up. Keeping in the spirit of the weekend, I wanted to post something Red, White & Blue.  Then the weekend came fast and I got drunk and forgot to post the article.    Olympian Shawn Johnson is looking hot as hell in this nice tight blue dress at the premier of Twilight Eclipse.  I love how you don’t even have to be a real celebrity to get invited to shit like that.  It’s bullshit, just because she is an Olympian, she gets to go and I don’t?  Maybe it’s because she got really hot and everything grew, maybe unnaturally.

shawn johnson legs spread

Maybe she got invited because she can spread her nice chubby little legs like that.  If you look here, which was about 2 years ago, she was completely flat chested.  Now she seems to have a really nice rack.  Maybe Shawn Johnson did the young Taylor Momsen, and got breast implants?  Maybe her tits are fake now, but either way, when she returns to the Olympics in 2012, if the world doesn’t explode, her new found milkers may get in the way of her gymnast shit.  Anyway, check out some new pictures of Olympian Shawn Johnson grown up, looking hot, and some of her in action at the Olympics in compromising positions after

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  • seth freeman says:

    she’s my beauty and i love her butt