Katy Perry’s Naked Ass Spanking Your Monkey

katy perry sexy jiggle tits

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 

Katy Perry is the best…. The best at giving hand jobs.  I hope you can tell from the picture above.  The picture of Katy Perry in “jerk off motion” is just priceless. I am sure that Russell Brand taught her himself, first hand, (lol) how to do that shit.  He is such a pervert.  That is why they are so great together.

katy perry boobs jiggle

Russell is a pervert, and Katy Perry’s naked body is the best on to Perv on!  So perv on Russell, and save some for the rest of us.  Katy has two hands right, and two huge tits, so I am sure you won’t mind someone else in the party, hell Russell will probably be so fucked up on smoking that Jeffrey that he won’t even notice!  Check out some more Katy Perry picture with nice movement and pretty hilarious poses of her hot naked body floating in clouds moving provocatively after

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  • James says:

    I would love to have her jerk me off. I would cum on her luscious tits.

  • Otis says:

    Despite her horaciously terrible music. Her hand moves quite well. Definitely enough to get me off good!

  • Jack Jones says:

    Big tits

  • bob says:

    Aloha, judging from Miss PERRY’S excting big wide open mouth with that elephant trunk, i think she was schooled well & extensivly on kneeling & pleasing her black men hb