Kanye Breasts, I Mean Kanye West’s New Girl Shay & Her Moo Bags

kanye west shay girlfriend hot in lingerie

Rating: ★★★★★★★★☆☆ 

Kanye West new big titted girlfriend Shay from the UK is boobalicious.  “She gotta ass that’ll swallow up a g-string, and on top, uh, two huge things, and I’m splooging, from ya boobs SCHWING.”  Ok, I’m done rapping for now.  Kanye’s bitch needs to get a last name.  Shay West possibly soon?  That sounds like a porn name.

kanye west girl shay naked topless breasts

That’s a nice topless nude pic of Kanye’s new flava of the month, holding those cannons.  I think Shay shops for her bra in the same oversized store I buy my jockstraps.  Kanye should remake a song for her.  “Titty woman, walking down the street, Titty Woman, the bitch can’t see her feet”  Anyway, Kanye West new girl = Huge tits.  Check out about 20 pictures of Kanye West’s girlfriend Shay and her humongous tits in bikinis, lingerie, topless, and ass in panties after

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