Jersey Shore Season 3 Deena Nicole Cortese Is A Snook-A-Like

deena nicole tits nude

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10)

Oink oink, another pig to represent Dirty Jersey.  Another Snooki look-a-like, or a Snook-A-Like.  This is starting to piss me off.  The season 2 premiere of Jersey Shore was tonight, and all everyone is talking about is this new skank that is going to be on Season 3.  This is Snooki‘s friend from a while ago, and her name is Deena Nicole Cortese.  She was the 43rd most googled  thing about an hour or so ago.

deena nicole fat sloppy ass

There is a nice close up of Deena Nicole’s sloppy fat ass.  Deena tits are probably fake,  probably shitty hard softball feeling implants.  I think that Snooki got her on the show so she would look prettier and possible skinnier!    This new ho is now the ugliest one on the show, even surpassing J-Woww, her fake tits, and her mega tub of Clearasil.  They are giving Jersey a bad name.  The producers should go to Satin Dolls, aka the Bada-Bing from Sopranos and get a nice bunch of strippers that are actually hot to represent Jersey and live in the shore house.  Film that shit instead,  WTF!

Update Jersey Shore Bonus Pig Picture of J-Woww’s Upskirt Panties

j woww upskirt

Check out some more pictures of Deena Nicole with her tits hanging out, a couple down shirt cleavage pictures and some others of her probable fake breast implants after

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