Megan Fox Is Too Skinny In Her Latest Bikini Pictures

megan fox bolemic too skinny

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/10)

Has hell frozen over?  I never, ever, ever, ever, never, ever, in my life woulde have thought that I would have to break out the STANKOMETER for MEGAN FOX BIKINI PICTURES!!!!   What the hell is going on Megan?  Do you have an eating disorder?  It’s nice to be thin, but this is too skinny.  What happened to your body?

megan fox anorexic

Megan Fox, please honey, eat a friggin cheese burger or a couple buckets of KFC.  Your body looks like it needs more than an apple a day.  I mean you need to give Tess Taylor and her sisters their meth pipes back. Megan, I used to love you from afar.  Now, you are making me a little sick.  Granted Michael Bay is an asshole, kicked you off the Transformers 3 movie for not being tan enough or not having big enough tits, but fix yourself.  You were so beautiful when you fixed Bumblee in the first movie and Shia Le Beouf wanted you hot ass.  Someone get Megan some biscuits.  Check out some skinny ass bolemic, anorexic, fake titted, only silicone breasts with no meat, skimpy bikini pics of Megan Fox’s Ethiopian body after

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