Jessica Alba Bikini 2010 & Bare Ass Spanking Video From Her New Movie

jessica alba bathing suit ass

Rating: ★★★★★★★★½☆ 

Jessica Alba’s bikini body is back!  In 2010, Jessica still looks smoking hot in her swimsuit.  She has a new movie coming out called The Killer Inside Me. She has some dirty SEX SCENES in the new film.  She reportedly walked out midway through her own screening because she gets so brutally abused.  HOT!   It also stars Kate Hudson and Casey Affleck.  The poster for the film looks kind of eerie, but hopefully it will be better and not as weird as the remake of The Eye that she did.

jessica alba ass bent over

Jessica Alba almost looks like she did back when she invented the “bent over bikini ass pose”.  Let’s hope that Jessica’s career gets back on track so she takes more vacations, wears more swimsuits, and continues to bend over and let people take pics of her ass.  Check out some screencaps from Into The Blue where some dude is grabbing her ass in her underwear, a couple more bikini pics, and some hot lingerie see through photos PLUS A HOT VIDEO SEX SCENE WITH JESSICA ALBA’S BARE ASS GETTING SPANKED FROM THE KILLER INSIDE ME after

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