Tess Taylor’s Pretty Wild Nude Shower Scene & Hot Naked Video Swimming

tess taylor's breasts wet in the shower on pretty wild

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

Here is Tess Taylor on Pretty Wild naked in the shower.  That is great.  The sick part of it, is her mother is the one who was taking these photos.  I mean, Tess Taylor’s boobs are really nice, but Tess’s mother and sister were admiring them so much that they decided to take nude pictures of Tess while she is in the shower!!!  What crazy bitches!   I know,  I know, these censored pictures from the show Pretty Wild suck. What doesn’t suck is this naked video of  Tess Taylor swimming and stripping off her sexy lingerie and her big tits floating in the water!

I am hoping that Pretty Wild will put out uncensored videos of the show, so we can see Tess naked again and again in different scenarios.  It’s hard to tell from the censored pictures, but it appears that Tess Taylor’s breasts may have shrunk a little.   This video of her naked swimming was taken a while ago.  If you look at her Cyber Girl Of The Year Photo Shoot Pictures or the Tess Taylor nude Cyber Girl of the Year Video you will notice that her boobs appear much bigger from her earlier photo shoots.  I think that it is because she has been hitting the crack/meth pipe too much.  Let’s hope Tess doesn’t ruin her sexy hot body and shrivel away her nice natural breasts with meth smoke.  Check out some more naked pictures of Tess Taylor in the shower on Pretty Wild after

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