Rihanna Masturbates On Stage

rihanna feels up her vagina on stage

Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10)

Is this a Burlesque show in Vegas? Rihanna’s performance outfits are really getting out of control, but that’s not what’s up right now?   What’s up is probably her pee stream!  I bet that when Rihanna is in concert and takes a bathroom break, she has to stand up and aim it because she is so aroused from her playing with herself.  There’s probably a urinal in her dressing room!  She must be really horny lately, because here is a photo of RIHANNA IN A PORNO STORE!

Rihanna goes to the porn store

Rihanns’s skanky outfits that are so revealing they leave little to imagination, which is fine in my book.  I find it weird that she is having a hard time getting any ass.  Maybe she is just masturbating more because Chris Brown messed up her feelings towards guys.  Rihanna should remake the song “I Touch Myself”.  She seems to have all the moves for it down already.  Check out some more way provocative photos of Rihanna grabbing her boobs, rubbing her vag, showing her cameltoe,  a few Rihanna bikini butt thong pics and Rihanna basically getting off touching herself on the stage after

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