Nicole Scherzinger Is Hot As Hell On Dancing With The Stars

nicole scherzinger has hard nipples

Rating: ★★★★★★¾☆☆☆ 

Nicole Scherzinger is sexing up Dancing With The Stars.  I thought that Pamela Anderson or that other ESPN ho Erin Andrews would be bringing the sexiness to the show, but they look like hags compared to Nicole Scherzinger!

nicole scherzinger pussy slips out of her dress

Nicole definitely has been looking hot as hell on DWTS.  I would have posted some pics from the show, but these are much better.  She looks really good in a bathing suit and sexy as hell in those dancing gowns they put her in.  She really looked like a princess tonight.  I never paid attention to her, but she had a nipple slip quite some time ago, and she has the grossest most disgusting pepperoni nipples I have ever seen.  The rest of her is so hot and almost perfect, I hope she goes back to the surgeon that gave her those implants and yells at him for giving her a chocolate pancake areola.  Check out some really hot pictures of Nicole Scherzinger with her big fake boobs hanging out and some others of her hot body and butt in a bikini looking sexy as hell after 

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