Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape Makes Me Feel Bad For Her Kid

kendra wilkinson sucking dick on tape

Stank-O-Meter (8.5/10)

Kendra Wilkinson should seriously get the award for worst new mother of the decade.  What kind of fucking dirtbag whore puts out their own sex tape right after they have had a child?  Almost all of the celebrity sex tapes that come out and from women (who still are whores)  but at least don’t have kids, never mind a new born.  The poor little kid is going to grow up, go to school, and by the time he is in third grade, all his classmates will be watching his filthy pig mother sucking dick and riding cock on their cel phones or Ipad 2025’s.  By no means, am I a person who doesn’t condone porn, but for me,  isn’t her crappy show enough?  Didn’t she get enough Viagra money from Hugh Hefner?  The tape looks like it probably sucks anyway.  Ugh, check out 18 year old skank Kendra Wilkinson (milkin some ) guys pecker for the payoff, a couple nude pics of her masturbating,. some of her riding a dude reverse cowgirl and regular cowgirl and a couple other pics of her skanky not fit to be a mother ass after

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  • Djsal says:

    y is her boobs so small in that video compare to now?

  • Christian Alexander Tietgen says:

    Mothers are sexy.

  • She's the chit says:

    Who cares if she has sex everyone has sex it’s a natural human thing and who cares if she makes a sex tape 75% of couples make tapes and it doesn’t matter that she is having sex or made a tape after having a baby. Some people just need to get laid and to jealous wishing it was them in the tape or girls wishing they were her. And that don’t even look like her if it I’d it’s when she was alot younger and along time ago