Cheryl Cole Is The Sexiest Woman Of 2010

hottest woman of 2010 chery tweedy cole

Rating: ★★★★★★★★¾☆ 

Cheryl Cole, or Cheryl Tweedy was voted the sexiest woman of 2010 by FHM Magazine.  Megan Fox came in a close second.  I don’t really agree with the rest of the list, but that’s another story.  Cheryl is recently seperated from her idiot husband because he was cheating on her.  How could you cheat on this?

cheryl cole's ass nude

Pretty stupid if you ask me.  I guess Ashley Cole, her ex husband, got bored with Cheryl.  Cheryl’s body is pretty much flawless. Here is a video compilation of her looking her hottest with a couple upskirt and provocative stage moves to the tune of Me So Horny.

Cheryl Tweedy Cole definitely has some major stage presence.  I am sure guys and GIRLS both can’t take their eyes off her in concert.  In a recent poll, she was voted “The Woman Who Married Women Would Let There Husbands Sleep With”  Everybody loves Cheryl, even wives would rent her out their husbands for the night. Check out some more pictures of Cheryl Tweedy Cole’s hot ass, upskirts, cleavage pics and and some others after

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