Brooke Hogan Is Growing Up To Be A Big Titted Pig Like Her Mom

brooke hogan's tits are huge in a bikini

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10)

Brooke Hogan actually used to be hot in a bikini.  I have never paid much attention to her bikini pictures, except those creepy ones with Hulk rubbing his jizz, I mean sun tan lotion on her back.  It’s a shame what her body is starting to look like.  She is getting to be a big boobed pig just like her mother.brooke hogan huge implants

Brooke is seriously starting to look disgusting.  I mean, being the daughter of Hulk Hogan, you can’t expect her to be that feminine.  I think that her brother Nick got all the femininity in the family.  Check out some more pictures of Brooke Hogan when she looked hot with her nipples poking through her bathing suit, her nice big fake implants in a bikini, cameltoe close ups and and two hideous pictures of her pig mother Linda after

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  • john says:

    dude?? what the fuck r u talking about? yeah, the mom’s ass looks disgusting but, Brooke looks no different than any other barbie “like” celebrity. i don’t like skinny ass white girls either but, what do u mean by looking disgusting?? she even has a flat stomach. she looks no different than all the other fake tit, flat ass having bitches in hollywood, so, wtf?