WTF Happened To Mischa Barton’s Body?

mischa barton fat ass and belly hanging out of her pantsStank-O-Meter (4/5)

WTF happened to Mischa Barton’s body?   I can’t believe how much she porked up.  She better watch out or she is going to be the next ho to be on Fat Actress like Kirstie Alley.  Her stomach is screaming to get out of those pants, if you look hard enough at the picture, you can actually see her bellybutton saying “Help me, I can’t breathe”.  She is only 24 years old and has the ass of a 40 yr old stay at home mom that had 5 children.Remember how hot Mischa was when she was on The O.C.?

mischa barton when she was skinny and hot

Now I think The O.C. stands for OVERWEIGHT CROTCH.  Also, Mischa is rocking the banana yellow pants and honestly, her choice of shirt could have easily avoided this atrocity of an outfit.  I guess she didn’t look at herself before she left the house.  You would have thought once she buttoned those pants she could have heard her bellybutton screaming like Adam Lambert at a Will & Grace convention!  A few days ago, some pics popped up of Mischa and I thought her boobs looked really nice and full, because I remembered  she always had that boney cleavage.  I didn’t realize that Mischa’s bottom half grew into the FUPA from hell. She is up there with Kesha for grossest body of the year. Check out some pics of Mischa’s new found fat crotch, sloppy flabby stomach, and some pictures of Mischa when she didn’t look inflated after

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  • bademoden says:

    Mischa Barton is really getting fat. I think she really has to work out and start a died, otherwise her movie career could be over quite soon.