Was Snooki About To Blow Some Guy??

Snooki's big tits slipping out of her shirt

Rating: ★★★★½☆☆☆☆☆ 

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is now single.  I predicted that she wouldn’t last with her retard boyfriend Emilio!  Supposedly, Emilio auditioned for The Real World or something and Snooki got mad.  I guess he figured that if  Snooki could be on TV, so could he.  He lacks personality and a huge set of tits on a short little body definitely helps you get on tv.   I bet every store has run out of condoms with this “breaking news”.  Snooki will be looking to get her F on in all the episodes now!  I found this picture of Snooki about to blow some guy.   He looks happy about it, but I cut his head off so that anyone he was dating now get offended.  Snooki looks like she is about to go down and deep throat  this dude’s junk like it’s a hot dog on the Seaside Boardwalk.

snooki sucks dick and gives a blowjob

The guys hands are out like, “what are you doing???”    This picture looks to be somewhere like a gymnasium of some sort.  I guess public places turn her on.  I think that the Snooki Sex Tape may really exist.  If not previous to Jersey Shore, maybe her ex Emilio has one now!    Snooki must have banged this guy so hard that he passed out, and had someone take a pic of her putting her clothes back on!

snooki getting naked pulling up her skirt ready to fuck

These pictures were actually from a long time ago it looks.  Look how skinny Snooki was there.  She must have been a real piece of ass…. in high school.  Poor Emilio, his meal ticket is gone.  He had better have recorded them having sex.  That dirtbag probably had a spy camera set up in his hair gel container or something. Let’s hope the sex tape is on the way!  Check out some more pictures of Snooki looking like she would bang anything with a stiff one after

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