Taylor Momsen’s Too Young To Be This Slutty

Taylor Momsen panty upskirt in fishnets stockings

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10)

Taylor Momsen is going to be problems.  She makes Miley Cyrus look like an angel.   I mean, Miley wears some inappropriate clothing, but give me a break!  Taylor looks about 16 going on 35.  She kind of reminds me of what Scarlett Johansson and an old school Madonna would look like mixed together.    Here is a video of her in concert dressed way too slutty:

Personally, I think her music sucks.  I don’t really see anything too great about her.  Taylor also stars on Gossip Girl as Jenny Humphrey.  From the episodes I have seen, Jenny Humphhrey has Cruel Intention’s Sarah Michelle Gellar syndrome where she wants to screw her stepbrother or something.  Regardless of that, I think being on that show transformed her into a young teenage slutmonster.  It’s a sad story, or at least it will be.  I would keep her on Lohan watch and eventually predict that she ends up in rehab.  Check out some Taylor Momsen inappropriate jailbait photos of her dressed way too provocatively for a 16 yr old after

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  • dickspitz says:

    Perhaps she does need some parental guidance. That, or my cock up her slutty teen butthole everyday.

  • Jackthemup69 says:

    Train ,Wreck cumming down the tracks lindsey style . Just fall on my cock with your tight vagina. And wake up baby girl.