Steven Seagal’s Asian Fetish Got Him In Trouble

kayden nguyen bikini made steven seagal want to fuck her

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10)

Steven Seagal grew up and spent a lot of time in the Orient.  Maybe that is why he was trying to bang this ho.  I think that she is looking for a quick buck because her modeling career really sucks a fat pinga.  I have never seen this bitch before, and if you know anything about anything, you know that Steven Seagal tries to fuck all the women in his movies.

How could Gino Felino want to bang this Filipino?  Actually she is Vietnamese, at least her name is.    I think that Steven gets enough ass and doesn’t need to pursue this ho.  Supposedly he has two Russian girl on call constantly to service his member.  That’s must be a perk of working for the New Orleans PD.  He probably found them as mail order brides and confiscated them for himself.  A few years ago, Jenny McCarthy called out Seagal for not hiring her because she wouldn’t sleep with him to get the part.  Kayden should have done her friggin homework.  Want to work with Steven Seagal, you must put his cookie in your nookie.   Check out some pics of this Kayden Nguyen slutbag ho in a bikini and  who will have a better modeling career and after Steven pays her off after

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