Sofia Vergara & The Other Hot Girls Of Modern Family

sofia vergara in a bikini from modern family

Rating: ★★★★★★★★¾☆ 

Sofia Vergara is a great reason to watch the TV show Modern Family.  She is unbelievably hot in the show and looks sexy as hell all the time.  Sofia always has on some kind of ridiculous outfit that shows off her awesome suspect to implants breasts and nice tight ass.  Her boobs are seriously WOW!  I think this pic says it all.

gloria from modern family sofia vergara cleavage big

Sofia didn’t always look like this though.  She has definitely under went some major plastic surgery to be transform into the flawless hot piece of latina ass that she is.  The other women on the show are hot too, but compared to Sofia, they fail in comparison.  Clarie, played by Julie Bowen, was actually the hot reporter in Happy Gilmore.

julie bowen claire from modern family lingerie

Sarah Hyland, who looks about 12 is actually 20 years old and has a cute little body on her too.  She has some really long skinny, but hot legs and a beautiful little face.  The show is absolutely hilarious and Al Bundy dating Sofia Vergara is great.  It’s a middle class man’s dream to see him with the likes of her.  The season finale is filmed in Hawaii, so hopefully we will see all the hot women from Modern Family in their bikinis!  Check out some more Sofia Vergara bikini and a couple nude topless thong pics, some pics of Sarah Hyland looking cute with nice legs, and Julie Bowen nude and in her bra and panties after

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  • sdfhfd says:

    Sofia’s boobs are totally real, you can tell, she’s just blessed. I watch Modern Family every week and they jiggle the way only real boobs can. She’s been asked the plastic surgery question before and she’s said ‘no i’m too young for that’ everytime (only botox) and I believe her. She’s been in the business a long time, it seems like she’s aged pretty naturally to me. The only real drastic change has been her hair colour.

    I know it’s hard to believe anyone can be this beautiful without the help of plastic surgery these days but she’s been beutiful long before she became an actress in Hollywood.