Snooki’s Chunky Sunglasses & Ronnie Acts Like A Bitch Getting A Tattoo

snooki showing her big fat tits cleavage

Stank-O-Meter (2.5/5)

There will be a lot of pictures of Nicole ” Snooki ” Polizzi and The Jersey Shore cast doing more than just clubbing this year.  Reason being, they aren’t allowed in many clubs down in Miami.  The show is set to start off in Miami, and then once it gets warmer, finish the season out in good ole Dirty Jerz.  WTF is up with those sunglasses Snickas is wearing?  How can you even see out of some shit like that?  Aside from that, Snooki’s tits are looking extra fat.  I don’t think that those things are ever going to stop growing.  In other Jersey Shore non club going news, the biggest Juicehead of them all Ronnie, got a tattoo.

Ronnie Acts like a bitch and bites a gag getting a tattoo

I think the tattoo artist is probably drawing a picture of  Mike The Situation’s dick right above Ronnie’s ass crack.  This way, he can lift up his shirt, bend over and tell everyone “That’s the Situation, right here”.  In all seriousness, what the hell is Ronnie getting a tramp stamp?  I mean, it is a jersey thing to have some kind of tribal nightmare tattooed across your ass crack and lower back, but usually girls are the ones who get it.  Check out some more pictures of Snooki’s fat plumpy dumpy oompa loompa  boobs, Ronnie acting like a little girl getting a tattoo, the guys from JS  with their shirts off and the Jersey Shore cast looking for something to do other than go clubbing after

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