Snooki Young & Skinny Boob Slip With Bonus Crotch Dance

Snooki's boob naked with no bra slip out of shirt

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Finally some genuine Snooki Nude Pictures.  Well, they really aren’t that nude.  It’s just a tit, and it fell out of her shirt and you can see her nipple if you look hard and blow up the picture.  It’s still more of a Naked Snooki than we have seen.  At least something is exposed!

Snooki full tit and nipple hangs out down her shirt without a bra on
Sorry for the bottle by her head, I guess she was about to pull the cork out with her snatch!  Anyway, I remember everyone made such a fuss over Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi being naked on the internet.  Everyone was going to the site that had the supposed Snooki naked pics.  I heard that Snooki leaked the photos and was trying to sell them herself to get some cash.  The site is still up, and the pics haven’t changed in the last couple months.  What a crock of shit!  Check out this video I found of Snooki doing some ballerina shit in a weird lingerie like leotard type thing and putting her leg over her head a covering her crotch so she doesn’t queef and fall down!  


Snooki is hilarious in this video.  I don’t know what kind of friggin dance moves she is trying to pull.  I called it a “Crotch Dance” because I don’t think there is a word for that dance.  Maybe the Snook-a-rena,  I should Copyright that.  I like that she can pull her leg over her head, hold her crotch, and balance on a chair at the same time.  That’s TALENT!  I would love to see that little porker try that shit now.  She would probably fall off the chair and land on her tits which are humongous now and bounce right back up!    I said it before, I can’t wait to see Snooki when she is 30 yrs old.  She is going to be a hot mess with tits the size of Christina Hendricks, but sagging so much, she will need to have a super reinforced bra to hold them up so she isn’t kicking them when she walks.   Check out some more pics of Snooki when she was young, skinny, kind of hot, and partying hard with her friends after

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