Rihanna’s See Through Space Age Matrix Outfits

rihanna see thru ass and vagina

Stank-O-Meter (7.5/10)

Rihanna seriously needs some fashion advice.  Here are some pictures of her in concert.  When did Rihanna first plug herself into The Matrix?  I see Morpheous is standing next to her wearing a gas mask, and I have no idea what that crazy bitch next to that dude is supposed to be doing.  I wonder what the theme for the concert is?

rihanna has thick thignhs and a fat ass

What the hell is this outfit?  It looks like something that Adam Lambert would wear to Boy George’s birthday party!  Rihanna really must hire a new fashion designer.  It’s cool to be different, but this is just out of control.  There is a difference between hot and stupid.  At least these ridiculous outfits cause some wardrobe malfunctions frequently.  If you look close enough, you can see a lot of Rihanna’s body, because most of the costumes are see through.  Check out some more pictures of Rihanna in concert showing her cameltoe, plump ass, thick thighs, and hot body after

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