Pretty Wild Girls Doing Drugs Plus Tess Taylor Naked Again!

tess taylor naked smoking a bong

Rating: ★★★★★★¾☆☆☆ 

This post really deserved a big blast on the Stank-O-Meter, but Tess Taylor naked doing anything is too hot to rate any post with shit piles.  Tess Taylor Arlington likes to get stoned, and so does her dirtbag sister Alexis Neiers Arlington.  Props to the dude over at The Dirty for basically shoving it up Tess Taylor and her mother’s lawyers ass for posting these pictures and refusing to take them down. These bitches are retarded.  If you don’t want people to see you doing drugs, DON’T TAKE PICTURES OF YOURSELF HITTING A BONG OR CRACK PIPE!!

tess taylor hitting a crack pipe half naked

I could care less what kind of drugs they are doing, but that definitely looks like she is heating up a crack pipe or something.  Maybe her bowl was severely resinated and she had to burn it to get it clean.  I think that Tess Taylor Arlington could have a great modeling career regardless of what kind of drugs she is doing.  She should step away from her skanky ass sister though, Alexis is not halfway as hot as Tess is and doesn’t have that great of a body.  These drugs pictures are ok to look at, but everyone just wants to keep seeing Tess Taylor Arlington’s naked perfectly shaven vagina and big real or huge fake breasts. (I still can’t decide if she has implants or not).  So check out some more pictures of Tess Taylor Arlington naked close ups of her vagina, a couple more of her topless with her nice huge tits, some of her in a see thru top and thong, and a couple of  Tess and her sister Alexis gettting F’d up on drugs after

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