Olivia Munn In Her Underwear On Accidently On Purpose

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Olivia Munn recently guest starred on Accidentally On Purpose.  This video is a great compilation of her looking hot as hell on the show.  The stoned out guy on that show Davis, played by Nicolas Wright is hilarious.  Jenna Elfman plays a pregnant woman Billie and at the time Jenna was pregnant in real life.  She had a healthy baby boy in February.   I like the show most of the time, and it is funny in a modern day Dharma and Greg sort of way.  It used to be on Monday nights, but now they have moved it to Wednesday after at 8:30 on CBS.  I think there was probably too much competition on Mondays, so they moved it to a day where there is less to compete with.  I think Olivia guest starred possibly to promote her movie Date Night which comes out April 9th, so being on the sitcom two days before will get her some publicity for the movie.  Olivia will also be starring in Iron Man 2 which is scheduled to come out May 7th.  Olivia hasn’t done much acting, her main thing seems to be modeling.   She did a non nude Playboy shoot  and has appeared in magazines such as Maxim and a few others.  Check out some of Olivia Munn’s hot modeling and Playboy pics after

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