Olivia From Jerseylicious Doesn’t Have To Have Long Nails To Look Hot

olivia blois sharpe from jerseylicious in her bra

Rating: ★★★★★★¾☆☆☆ 

Olivia Blois Sharpe has been looking hot and getting all the publicity from the show Jerseylicious.  She has been on Extra, Wendy Williams and a couple other shows.  Olivia is definitely the Snooki of the show.  I am sure she hates to be compared to Snooki, but it is going to happen.  She is definitely better looking than Snooki and of course being from Jersey, people are going to say that shit.  I watched this episode of Jerseylicious and thought it was pretty funny that Olivia cried because they cut her nails off.   Maybe girls check out each other’s nail, but that is the last thing that any guy is checking out:

olivia sharpe from jerseylicious nice ass in a short skirt

Don’t worry Olivia, when you have an ass like that, I don’t think it would matter much if you had some grimy nails with Chesty Cheetah aka Tracy DiMarco’s orange fake tan shit all stuck underneath them.   The nails will grow back eventually, just keep your backside looking hot and you will have no worries.  Check out some more pictures of the girls from Jerseylicious, Olivia in some short tight outfits showing her hot ass & roommate Briella looking hot in some short skirts showing off those nice long sexy legs, , The Glam Fairy Alexa Prisco with her nice big cleavage, and Tracy Di Marco looking orange with her big fake tits popping out after

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