Lady Gaga’s Ass Got Grabbed In Concert

lady gaga's ass got grabbed

Stank-O-Meter (6.5/10)

Lady Gaga loves to show off her goods.   I don’t think that she owns an outfit that you  can NOT see through.  She is always dressing like a total fruit cake.  I mean, there are fashion statements, but she is really out of control.  Also, did you notice that the monster from  Jennifer Lopez’s movie The Cell is grabbing Lady Gaga’s ass?  That is definitely where Lady Gaga gets her fashion ideas from. She must love that movie because it appears that it is a major influence on her wardrobe.  I don’t know what is worse, Gaga or Rihanna’s Matrix Outfits?

lady gaga's ass gets grabbed in a thong

I think ass grabbing is a big part of Lady Gaga’s day.  I mean, she actually looks sexy when all you can see is her ass.  Maybe a couple people told her that is her best feature so she is just going with it.  When the papa razzi tries to take her picture, she should just turn around and bend over to show them her best side.  Check out some more pictures of Lady Gaga crotch, nipples, and ass all exposed in see through outfits after

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