Katy Perry’s Red Hot Bikini Pictures

katy perry's big boobs in a bikini

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Katy Perry has really been letting her boobs hang out lately.  A couple of days ago, I posted an article about her inappropriate outfit for the Nickelodeon awards, and now here she is letting her big natural boobs flop around, and sticking them all up in Russell Brand’s face!  I am sure Russell doesn’t mind.   Katy is really Russell’s British cup of tea, with a mouth that opens that wide, how could Russell not love Katy!   Big wide mouth, nice huge rack = Russell Brand… Inside of you…Insiiiiiiiddde of you!

katy perry blowjob mouth open wide sucking dick

Ever see Russel Brand’s girlfriends before Katy Perry?   They were all tremendous sluts with huge knockers.  Some fake, some real, it really didn’t matter for him.   I looked through a couple of them including Holly Madison (Playboy), and Big Brother UK’s Kate Lawler and Imogen Thomas.  When I looked up Imogen Thomas, I had to double take.  She kind of does remind me of Katy, except her boobs are way bigger and definitely fake.  Katy Perry must really blow Russell’s whistle hard, because the girls he has been with are some knock-outs, low class, but really hot.  Anyway, check out some Katy Perry big breasted & bent over ass bikini photos, as well as Russell Brand’s hot ex girlfriend Imogen Thomas lingerie & topless pics of her monster knockers after

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  • Hawaii bob says:

    Aloha, it should b illegal 4 any1 2 have talent like Miss HUDSON & b the SULTRY SEC C BEAUTIFUL & LEGGY 2 hb aloha