Jerseylicious Team Olivia!!! Thumbs Down to Chesty Cheetah!

tracy dimarco from jerseylicious has a fat ass

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

Team Olivia is where it’s at for me.  I can’t lie, I don’t religiously watch the show, but I do like to check out the girls that are on it.  I pretend that I am watching it for content, but I really am just checking out everyone’s shit and waiting for a chick fight to happen.  Tracy Dimarco is really a huge bitch on the show, and I am sure that it isn’t really an act.  She seems like a nasty, orange, fat ass bitch.  Seriously, I have never seen someone that is so orange before.  I mean this takes tanning to a whole new level.  When she goes tanning, does she use some cheap lotion made by the same people who make Cheetos?  I think I will call her CHESTIER CHEETAH!

tracy dimarco fake tan method

Tracy's After Tanning Bath

Chesty Cheetah, (that sounds better) must partake in this Cheeto Bath quite frequently to keep up her color.  She could also be using that powder that comes in Kraft Macaroni & Cheese as blush.  Seriously Tracy  is no comparison to Olivia Sharpe looks wise.  I am not into people who are totally plastic.  Her tits look so fake, that even Posh Spice said damn!!!! and we all know that Posh has been rockin’ those softball implants for quite some time.  If Olivia’s boyfriend wants Tracy instead, Olivia shouldn’t give a frogs fat ass about it.  She can do much better I am sure.  Come to think of it, almost every girl on the show is hotter than Tracy.  Olivia’s roommate Briella and Alexa Prisco “The Glam Fairy”  looked super hot at the Jerseylicious Premiere Party.

glam fairy alexa prisco's big boob cleavage and briella

The Glam Fairy has a great rack.  She should keep those bad boys on display more often.  I can’t tell if they are real or not, but they aren’t obvious implants like Chesty Cheetah Tracy Dimarco.  I hope a full out brawl catfight erupts in the salon and everyone gangs up on  Chesty Cheetah.  I am sure that won’t be the first time she has had a gang of people all touching her at the same time.  Check out some more pictures of Jerseylicious  Olivia Sharpe looking hot in tight clothes , Briella’s looking sexy with her nice legs in some short skirts, Alexa The Glam Fairy’s cleavage, and Chesty Cheetah looking bitchy as the day is long after

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