JerseyLicious Olivia Sharpe & Roommate Briella

olivia sharpe from jerseylicious tits in a tight shirt

Rating: ★½☆☆☆ 

I watched a couple minutes of the Jerseylicious show.  I have actually seen the salon, but never went inside.   I don’t think it is really a show for guys except for the occasional chick fight, and the girls are kind of hot, but not even close to the girls on Jersey Shore and that isn’t saying much.  I kind of thought that Olivia’s roommate was interesting.  Her name is Briella Marie Calafiore.  In one episode, her and Olivia painted their apartment hot pink.  It was kind of annoying to watch, but from the little part of the show I watched I have nothing else to talk about.  Here is a picture of Briella all dolled up.briella from jerseylicious looking sexy and hot

Olivia Sharpe does the make up on the show and Tracy Dimarco is her arch nemesis.  Supposedly Tracy stole Olivia’s boyfriend and blah blah blah.  I don’t give a frog’s fat ass about the so called drama between them and I’m sure that nobody else does either.  Basically, I think this show was put together in the parking lot of the Jersey Shore casting auditions and they took the leftovers that MTV didn’t want, then they taught these bitches how to cut hair and do make up.  Check out some more pictures of  Olivia Sharpe looking dirty hot and Briella looking nice when she has her make up professionally done after

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