Jersey Shore Casting Auditions For Season 3

snooki and boyfriend emilio are going to break up for the new seasonStank-O-Meter (2.5/5)

The original cast of Jersey Shore packed their bags and headed to Miami to start filming the second season.  But this poses the question, what is going to happen to Snooki’s tool ass boyfriend Emilio? Snooki better not stay faithful to this well groomed douchebag.   I mean look at him in this picture, he has better waxed eyebrows that most women I have seen.  He is even making Miley Cyrus kissie face in the picture.  I think he just latched on to her because of all her fame from the show.  He can’t really like her, she is borderline retarded and seems to be getting fatter and fatter.  She does have a great rack, but everything else is just getting worse.  Wait until Snooki is 30, she’ll be pushing a wheelbarrow in front of her to carry her tits so they aren’t dragging across the floor!

mtv jersey shore season 3 casting call auditions Fill out your application today to get a free fake tan and 10 steroid needles!

MTV, smart bastards that they are, already started to take applications for the third season.  I guess they are going to bring it home and back to the Dirty Jerz. You can APPLY HERE TO BE ON JERSEY SHORE SEASON 3 I think the show is going to be pretty staged this year, but we’ll have to wait and see.  The cast is already banned from a bunch of Miami hot spots, so they won’t have many options. I hope another guy punches a girl in the face, preferrably Angelina.  She is such a phucking ditch pig, and I would love to see her take a nice sucker punch in her friggin mule face.  Check out some photos of the cast rolling their suitcases filled with Valtrex, Boy Butter, Axe Body Spray, J-woww boob shirts, spray tan, Vaseline, Viagra, Deca, Anadrol, Sustanon, and everything Dolph Lundren took in Rocky 4 after the

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