Jennifer Love Hewitt Almost Shows Us Her “Love”

jennifer love hewitt upskirt no panties vagina slip

Rating: ★★★★★½☆☆☆☆ 

Jennifer Love Hewitt is back to looking hot as hell again.  This orange dress that she is wearing fits her rocking body like a glove.  I don’t think she could have had a dress painted on her body that fit better than this one.  The question everyone is asking is if she had panties on wearing this short severely low cut dress.  It’s a great choice and a real nice F U to everyone who had some shit to say when she gained ALL that weight.  ( I was one of those people, sorry I take it back now)  J-Love is looking absolutely stunning and I’m glad to see that her nice natural breasts remained in tact and didn’t suffer from the weight loss.  It probably didn’t affect her in that way like it does most women because….

jennifer love hewitt had huge boobs when she was young

Jennifer has had a humongous rack since she was a cutesy little teenager.  How adorable was she in this picture?  Anyway, I am glad to see J-Love has gone back to her I Know What  You Did Last Summer Tanning Bed Hotness.  She will hopefully continue to impress on the red carpet in skin tight, low cut, push up bra type dresses.  Check out some random pics of Jennifer Love Hewitt looking hot as hell in see through outfits & upskirts after

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  • obiwansidsi says:

    She was never hot… never! Everyone got hypnotized by those floppy boobs when she did the “rain scene” from I know what you did last summer. As an actress, I’d put her just above David Spade.