J-Woww’s Tight Gym Clothes Show Almost Everything

j woww showing her pussy in tight pants

Rating: ★★½☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ 

The crew of Jersey Shore is hitting the gym hard.  It’s probably because they aren’t allowed to go anywhere else in Miami.   My friend lives in Miami and he told me that it is all over the news that certain clubs aren’t letting any of the Jersey Shore cast members in.  Jersey Shore cast members have been banned from a shitload of Miami hotspots.  I don’t know why they would do that.  You would think that the clubs would want the publicity, but I guess not.  So it seems the Jersey Shore crew has been spending a lot of time doing other things.  Snooki looks overjoyed to be at the gym!


snooki's tank top at the gym shows her big boobs

Are we done yet?

Snooki’s face right there is one that even a mother COULDN’T love.  She should just listen to her shirt and get naked already.  Snooki still swears she will never pose for Playboy, but once their fame dies down and her and J-Woww can’t find anything else to do, they will take the money and do a Playboy shoot.  Mike The Situation is probably definitely Playgirl bound, and maybe Ronnie as well.  I would suggest doing it before Season 2 is over, they should really strike while the iron is hot, because I think they will all be soon forgotten.  Check out some more pictures of the Jersey Shore crew at the gym and J-Woww wearing  what seems to be no bra because her nipples are poking out and maybe no panties because her camel is toe’n after

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