The Girls Of E!’s Pretty Wild Are Pretty Slutty

tess taylor showing her huge natural tits

Rating: ★★★★★★★½☆☆ 

The girls of Pretty Wild On E! are really a bunch of sluts.  I feel really bad for the little 15 year old girl that is on there Gabrielle Neiers.  She is getting the worst example and lesson in life from her two whorish sisters.  I predict that she will grow up to make Lindsay Lohan look like Mother Theresa.  It looks like some of the Pretty Wild girls are into pole dancing also.  Go figure.  Tess Taylor is definitely the sister with the talent, and by talent I mean possible the nicest boobs Hollywood.  Check out a video of Tess Taylor and her sister Alexis Neiers or Alexis Arlington from a photo shoot in Paris.

Tess Taylor, Tess Arlington, Tess Taylor Arlington Tess Amber Taylor, whatever the hell she is calling herself these days, is definitely on the top of everyone’s slut radar. Her sister Alexis Neiers, or Alexis Arlington, the oldest isn’t the best role model either.  You can definitely see the resemblance in their faces and their bodies.  I feel bad for the little one Gabrielle.  She is going to be overwhelmed and have her childhood stolen and end up stripping at a place called Pink Punters (I think Tess was a Pole Dancer / Hole Exposer there).  The mother on the show seems like a real role model too.  Check out some pictures of Tess Taylor in lingerie in some slutty photo shoots along with her sister Alexis Neiers Arlington in some bikini pictures showing off her hot slutty body after

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