Emmanuelle Chriqui AKA Sloan From Entourage In A Bra & Thong

emmanuelle chriqui nude ass thong naked

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

It’s about time that Sloan from Entourage showed some skin!  She has always been covered up on the show and very conservative.  Well I think that sucks.  I like the fact that she decided to slut it up and get a little risque in this shitty movie.  The picture above of Emmanuelle Chriqui’s almost naked ass in a thong is from the movie Women In Trouble.   It’s about a day in the life of 10 women who are porn stars, hookers, stewardesses, masseuses, etc, basically all whores.   It came out in 2009, and must have been such a good film that they rushed it straight to DVD.  It is loaded with hot sexy women in very little clothing.  Adrianne Palicki from Friday Night Lights is in the film as well and also is almost nude.

adriranne palicki breasts in a bra

Adrianne Palicki's in her bra

The movie also stars sexy ass Carla Gugino, Jessie Spano aka Elizabeth Berkely (who is no stranger to nudity either) Connie Britton who also stars in Friday Night Lights the TV show.  Maybe Connie got Adrianne the part or vice versa.  Regardless, this movie is a real chick flick.   But guys, the thing about it is that, you can pretend you are doing your girlfriend a favor by watching it with her, when meanwhile you are just waiting for the next ho to strip down to her underwear.  Check out some more pics of Emmanuelle Chriqui, aka Sloan from Entourage nice ass in a thong,, natural boobs in a bra, then Carla Gugino looking hot as hell in her underwear, and Adrainne Palicki also joining the underwear lingerie thong club after

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