Did Kate Hudson Get Breast Implants Or Just Get Fatter?

did kate hudson get a boob job

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/10)

Kate Hudson appears as if she may have gotten breast implants.  Her boobs definitely look bigger, but not much bigger. It really poses the question, why go so small if you were going to get them?  Did you think that people wouldn’t notice that shit?  I could see if it was someone who had normal size tits and went and got some slight implants, but Kate Hudson had the chest of a 10 yr old boy.

kate hudson flat chested until recently

Kate’s Justin Bieber chest almost fell out right there.  I don’t really think that Kate got implants, I just think she gained some weight. Even with those new boobs of hers, she is still in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee.  I think it’s possible that Kate just got a little chub on her.  She still  probably weighs 100 pounds soaking wet.  She has just turned 30 recently, so maybe she is packing some pounds and the weight is going in some of the right places.  Regardless, her ass is still one of the finest I have ever seen in a thong bikini.  If she did get breast implants, then so be it. Kate is really cute  with a pretty face and has a hot enough ass to compensate for her lack of breasts.  If she did get some fake tits, she should have went bigger and solved everyone’s shit talking and curiosity.  Check out some pics of Kate Hudson with a flat chest, some with bigger boobs, a rare nip slip see thru pic, and a couple photos of her ass in a bikini because it NICE after

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