Dayna Mugno From Tool Academy’s Photo Shoot Preview

Dayna Mugno From Tool Academy in a bikini licking

Rating: ★★★★★★½☆☆☆ 

Dayna Mugno from Tool Academy 3 does a hot ass photo shoot.  I am thankful that everyone didn’t forget about her.  I think that Kate Vannatta needs to have a nice sexy photo shoot as well.  Just because Kate got elimated early, why should she be forgotten??  I really can’t decide who is hotter, Dayna or Kate?  I posted an article about Kate Vannatta before and everyone seemed to think she was bangin.  Teary Tool is probably crying his eyes out again, because from the looks of it, I don’t think he and Dayna are together anymore.  Dayna’s photo shoot looks like it’s packed with some really nice revealing bikini and lingerie type pictures.  I posted a  couple articles about Dayna Mugno before, check them out here! I don’t know who was the hottest girl on Tool Academy 3.   Emily Reno definitely had the BEST ASS.  I mean, that booty is better than most you see on models.  But the two hotties of the show were definitely Dayna Mugno & Kate Vannatta.  Check out another picture of  Tool Academy 3’s Dayna Mugno looking hot as hell in black lingerie afterDayna Mugno from tool academy's tits & ass in panties and bra

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