“Big Mike” Michael Lynche’s Wife Cries On American Idol

american idol michael lynche wife cries

Stank-O-Meter (3.5/5)

Michael Lynche should have gone home last night.  Was it his wife’s tears that saved his big ole ass?  When I saw him get voted off, I literally said “Yes!” out loud.  I like Big Mike as a person, but give me a break!  He is definitely not going to win the whole show.  Saving him was a friggin waste of time.  I hope he goes home next week.  What will probably happen is, next week Lee Dewyze, Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus or Casey (my predicted final four) will be in trouble and the judges won’t be able to save them because they wasted their one and only save on Michael.  I hate this save shit.  Now we have to listen to Mike sing his big Ruben Studdard like ass off again.  They should have a rule where they get to take the person that got voted off and pick someone else and send them home instead.  This way, they could get rid of  people like Tim Urban.  Tim Urban is the new Sanjaya.  Is Howard Stern telling everyone to vote for Tim or something?  WTF??? And here  is another big Idol WTF:

Since when did Rihanna start plugging herself into the Matrix?  She looked like a space aged tool.  Seriously, Chris Brown must have knocked the sense out of her, instead of knocking some sense into her when he chucked that beating on her. We all know Rihanna was traumatized, but she needs to go back to the therapist, and / or fire her current stylist.  Plus, the song sucked mega massive moose balls.  Anyway, I likes seeing the stupid look on Mike’s face and watching his wife cry.  It may be mean, but I really don’t care.  All in all, he definitely shouldn’t have had the lowest amount of votes.  Tim Urban, Katie Stevens, and Aaron Kelly should have been  kicked off before “BIG Mike”.  But it’s only a matter of time before he’s booted, so check out Mike’s shocked &  almost handicapped face and some more of his wife’s tears after

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