Tool Academy’s Emily Reno’s Hot Ass & Loud Mouth Tool Shawn Are Still Together!

Emily Reno from tool academy's ass in a thong bikini is hot

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

TOOL ACADEMY COUPLE’S UPDATE:: Emily Reno and Loud Mouth Tool Shawn Goble  are still together.  Shawn must have said some magic words to keep her around after all the crap he pulled, but hey who wouldn’t when your girl has an ass like that?  In the words of Ron Burgundy, “You have an absolutely breathtaking hiney, I mean that thing is good, I want to be friends with it.” Emily’s Facebook Page  has confirmed that the couple did, in fact stay together after leaving the show.

emily reno and shawn goble are still together after tool academy cast off

It is a shame that there wasn’t much time for Emily and her to die for perfect ass on the show.  Her boyfriend Shawn was just too much of a big ass TOOL to survive on the show.  Almost all the hot girls from the show are gone ( Kate, Emily, and Rachel, well Rachel was just ok), except for Teary Tool’s Girl Dayna. What a waste!  I am sick of looking at Jacob NeanderTool and his Cave bitch girlfriend, plus Jennavecia and her idiot boyfried  just nauseate me.  Jennavecia is one of the grossest beings ever to set foot on reality TV.  She really needs to get the boot from the academy, yes she is improving, but she was such a humongous whore previous to the show, to NOT IMPROVE is impossible. Right now Emily works as a server at a restaurant.  I hope she hasn’t given up being on  TV.   I wonder if she serves food and drinks in that pink thong?  That would be a definite bonus.  I hope we see more of Emily Reno, Kate Vanatta and Dayna Mugno on TV soon….These girls are too hot to be wasted on just one show.  In the meantime, check out some of  Tool Academy’s Emily Reno photos in her bathing suit looking sexy as hell, a few almost naked ass pics in a pink thong,  and some of her and “Tool” Shawn after

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