Tool Academy 3 Teary Tool’s Girlfriend’s Audition Tape

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Here is a video of Angelo Teary Tool’s hot girlfriend Dayna’s audition tape for Tool Academy 3.  She is sitting on a bed in a low cut white shirt with her cleavage smacking you in the face.  Some people have said I’m  sick, but there is something about a girl crying that is hot.  I think it is when the tears fall down onto their boobs making them glisten in the light.. Yup, that may be a little sick, but I still think it’s hot, SO F U!! Dayna Mugno’s boobs don’t fail to impress here, but her acting does.  It looks almost as if she was reading this shit she is saying off a cue card.  Also, whoever filmed this did an awful job.  The camera is all over the friggin place.  But she does look sexy, and I guess that’s all that matters.  Here are some more hot Dayna Mugno pics, some of her Teary Tool boyfriend  Angelo flexing and posing with girls in bikinis, and another of Teary Tool doing what he does best, CRYING after

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