Tool Academy 3 Dayna Mugno

dayna mugno boobs

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Dayna Mugno from Tool Academy Season 3 is basically a good reason to watch the show.  Personally, I don’t know if the show is staged or not.  It seems so ridiculous that I couldn’t believe that these people would want to stay with their boyfriend/girlfriend after all the shit they put their significant other through.  Dayna’s boyfriend Angelo went from being “Ripped Tool”Angelo Tool Academy Crying

To “Teary Tool”tool academy angelo crying

Angelo has been crying on the show every week.    They kicked off Glow Stick Man aka “Special Tool” Daniel, who was just a disgusting excuse for a human being.  His girlfriend was a hick and total trash bag.  The funny part of that was after he got kicked off, he told HER that he wasn’t in love with her anymore and gave her the ax!  Back to Dayna,  I think that she is the best looking person on the show and “Teary Tool” is the funniest Tool they have ever had as a contestant.  I think that they will go all the way and win the 100 grand.  Let’s hope so so we can see more of Dayna Mugno’s hot body.  Here are some more hot pics of Teary Tool’s girlfriend Dayna and the last one is the two dirtbags that got eliminated last night after

Tool academy Dayna Mugnoteary tool academy girlfriend hotdayna mugno titstool academy dayna cleavagetool academy white trash

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