Tila Tequila Naked(almost) & Not Pregnant Shopping

Tila Tequila naked ass slutty dress food shopping

Stank-O-Meter (4/5)

I’ve got to say, I am not surprised to see Tila Tequila dressed like this in the supermarket.  As advertised, Tila’s ass is on sale for $3.99.  Seriously, how much of an attention whore can one person be?  I think that this is definitely a desperation cry to get your ugly alien looking face back in the spotlight.  But what kind of spotlight is this?   Tila Tequila has really hit bottom here.  She totally faked that she was pregnant and did all this shit and put on this whore outfit just to get attention.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she paid someone or simply just blew some random stock boy in the supermarket to take these pics.  Example:

Tila Tequila is pregnant see thru dress with baby

This is about as pregnant as Tila Ta Skeeza is going to get.  She is having a friggin watermelon.  If these pics weren’t staged, then what the hell is this shit all about.  I do have to say that Tila’s ass does look good here, but she has such alien head that I can’t stand to look at her face.  Bent over and in the title pic, she looks great.. but that face has got to go.  Please Tila, if you are pregnant, pay for some fetal plastic surgery so the baby doesn’t come out and get taken away for research as the next coming of ALF.  She probably would love to have an alien child so she would have a reason to be in the spotlight.  Here that aliens, if you want to bang an earthling, look for a slutty tramp food shopping in a see through dress with a thong picking up sausages off the floor and grabbing melons.  Check out some more of Tila Tequila shopping in a see thru dress wearing a thong, bending over, big cleavage, and ugly alien face after

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  • lindsay says:

    this whore is so pathetic. she will do ANYTHING for any kind of attention. have you seen her sex tape? her tiquana tit job and nasty black labia are beyond disgusting!