Tiger Woods Latest Mistress/Hooker Devon James Pics & Video

tiger woods' latest mistress devon james pornstar hooker

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/5)

I haven’t broke out the Stank-O-Meter too often recently, but this is well deserving of some poo piles.  4 1/2 to be exact.   This girl Devon James is Tiger Woods latest mistress.   Mistress is a term used lightly here.  This chick is a hooker.   Over the course of 2 years, Tiger reportedly paid $2000 per girl per threesome with this ho.  The other girl is a mystery right now.  I don’t see how they can call this an “affair”.  It was simply a recurrence with a prostitute.  I guess whenever Tiger went to Sarasota (Devon’s home town) they got it on for a pretty penny.    Devon’s bio can be found on her Hooker Website .  She is really descriptive, she is 5’4 with 34D-26-34 measurements and a size 7 1/2 shoe!  I guess shoe size is pertinent when ordering a hooker providing you want her to wear some high heels and take them off and stick them up your wazoo.   Devon explains on her page that she does boy/girl, solo anal toys, oral, facial, swallows, and threesomes.  Although the box that say interracial is not marked.  Maybe she made Tiger pay more because he isn’t white?  Well he is partially,  Caucasian, Black, American Indian, and Chinese.   If that isn’t Interacial then what the hell is.   Update your details Devon.    All I can say is  Devon Lee is truly a huge pig and a disgusting skank and just when you think Tiger couldn’t sink any lower he sinks his penis-putter into her used and abused holes.  DOUBLE BOGEY! Check out some real classy nude pictures of Devon and some of her in action blowing a guy and fingering her own ass  and a video of her banging after Devon Getting Banged In Milfhunter

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