The Oscars Sucked As Bad As Amanda Seyfried’s Dress Choice

amanda seyfried showing no cleavage at the oscars

Stank-O-Meter (3.5/5)

The 2010 Oscars sucked worse than Amanda Seyfried hiding her boobs in this hideous dress that she chose.  I wonder if someone paid her to wear that friggin thing?  What a bad choice!  Basically everyone’s outfit pretty much blew goats except Miley Cyrus had her jailbait boobs on display and actually looked pretty.  Christina Hendricks had her monster cannons  blasting out of her dress for everyone to see.   Christina knows what sells, her tits.  Those are definitely the best boobs in Hollywood.  If it wasn’t for Christina being at the Oscars, I would not have posted anything about it.   Her boobs are the real story, the rest of the pics are  just filler.

Back to the actual awards, The Hurt Locker won a shitload of awards including Best Picture.  I personally thought the movie was lame, boring, and anti-climactic.  The acting was shit, and there was really no story.  Avatar definitely should have won.  That was  a real masterpiece.   It was one of the most visually amazing films ever made.  Aside from that, nothing else really made an impact.  Thank god the girl from Precious didn’t win, I can’t stand to look at her.   What’s hilarious is the advertisement for Precious “Precious simply can not be missed”, I was like, no shit!  Check out some pics of other celebs and a pic of  Gabourey Sidibe in that parachute they turned into a dress.  Check out some more Oscar Red Carpet Pictures after

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