The Bachelor’s Winner Vienna Is A Big Nose Piglet

Bachelor Vienna Big Nose

Stank-O-Meter (4.5/5)

First of all, I don’t watch this horseshit show.  My girlfriend was watching it and I was in utter disbelief as to why The Bitchelor Jake, would pick this hog, hobag, slut monster, big nose, whiney, snakey, slimey filthy ditch pig Vienna over the sweet, cute, innocent, non-whorish, lovely girl Tenley.  After looking for some background on the show, it seemed as if everyone thought Tenley was pregnant.  My girlfriend said that Tenley didn’t believe in sex before marriage and that is why Jake picked Big Nose Vienna.  Jake said Tenley and him had no sexual chemistry or some shit.  Probably because they didn’t have sex.  Vienna probably let Jake stick his weiner in her nostril.  Regardless of what Tenley did or didn’t do, Vienna is gross, big mistake Jake!  Ali Fedotowsky, who left the show is the new Bachelorette.  Whoopie doo!  I don’t care I won’t watch it!    The show sucks, it’s staged, and Ali is such a tool with a really annoying phony fake ass laugh on a phony fake ass show.  Here are some pics of Vienna in a bikini, her nose, and Tenley the girl that anyone would have picked if this shit was real after

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