Snooki’s Chesty Lip Singing & Dancing Video

snooki's tits hanging out of her shirt in a bra showing big cleavage

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

It seems as if the pictures of Snooki from the past are infinite.   I keep coming across all these different photos of the Jersey Shore show’s standout star Nicole Snooki Polizzi.  Snooki’s personality is really funny, but I think if she didn’t have those huge tits that nobody would really give a shit about what she was saying or anything.  Pretty much, whenever she talks, I really never listen to a friggin thing she says, I just stare at her huge rack.  I think that Snooki will definitely get her own reality show after the Jersey Shore stint is over.  Here is a video of Snooki with her hot cleavage in a tight low cut shirt showing her big breasts bouncing around as she is dancing and lip singing “I Took The Night”

This video is quite ridiculous.  I like how she leaves the doors to her closets open so we can see all the clothes she has. We all sing in the mirror and stuff, but we don’t record ourselves doing it.  I would expect to see this years Jersey Shore show include more ridiculous shit like this taking place and maybe most of the cast just hanging out together privately.   It is going to be hard for them because they are all so recognized now, I am anxious to see how they are going to approach the filming next season.  Anyway, check out some more Snooki photos of her big boobs, nice ass, and some where she was dressed up for haloween in a tight leather outfit with fishnet stockings after

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