She’s Outta My League’s Alice Eve Is Hot

alice eve cleavage

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

Here’s a picture of the hot blond from the new movie She’s Out Of My League, Alice Eve.  In the upcoming film, she becomes Jay Baruchel aka Danger from Million Dollar Baby’s girlfriend.  The movie looks really funny.  I like Jay as a comedic actor, he was great in Knocked Up.  The trailer for this movie is pretty funny.  “You’re a Moodle, a Man-Poodle.”

Alice Eve and her hotness bring a lot of attention to the upcoming film.  I don’t recall ever seeing her before, except in the movie Crossing Over with Harrison Ford.  I think that movie went straight to DVD.  I watched it, actually liked  it, but couldn’t remember ever seeing a trailer for it on the big screen.  Alice Eve will also star in Sex & The City 2.  I am sure all the ho’s from SATC  love the fact that Alice is going to make them look like an old beat up shoe when they are standing next to her.. espescially in HD.  Here are some screencaps from Crossing Over with Alice Eve’s naked boobs on display. Now I know why I liked that movie! Check out Alice’s nice nude breasts after

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  • candiruacu says:

    Hottest Harvard graduate I’ve ever seen!!

  • candiruacu says:

    Ray Liotta??

    She’s naked in bed with RAY LIOTTA??!!!

    That is wrong on so many levels!!!